Learner's FAQ

Your Menimba Account

How to sign up with Menimba and login to your account.

Sign up with an email and password 

  1. Click Get Started at the top right of your desktop or laptop browser. Enter your nickname, username, your email address, and a unique password. 
  2. Click Registration. 

Log in with an email and password 

  1. On your desktop or laptop browser, click Log in at the top right. 
  2. Enter the credentials you used to sign up. You can also choose to login with Google.  
  3. Click Login Now. 


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Course/Lesson Enquiries

The Free Course Experience
How to Download Your Certificate of Completion
Downloading Course Resources
How to Mark Lesson as Complete
How to Ask a Question About Your Course
How to Leave a Course Review
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How to Troubleshoot Audio & Video Issues
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Purchases & Refunds

Payments method on Menimba?
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Add a Course to Your Wishlist
Menimba Receipts & Invoices
How to refund a course?
7 Day Money Back Guarantee

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