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Atie Jaafar, a name that is known for a person who has an immense passion for arts and designs. With her bare hands and a pinch of an exceptional talent, doing arts does not limit her to just merely using those art stationeries, brushes, and colour palettes on the empty canvases. It means the world to her; doing one of the things that she loves best, arts. Acquiring her first Degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts Majoring in Painting she then set her foot in the industry as a graphic designer. She later pursued her Master’s Degree in International Contemporary Art and Design Practice and started her teaching career in the local university in Kuala Lumpur for the past 9 years. Apart from lecturing in private universities, Atie Jaafar founded her very own brand of ‘Weekendiminlove’ which she aims to use her graphic design and fine arts expertise to something good. Her services range from graphic designs, watercolour illustrations, commissioned jobs wedding stationeries, fabric designs and bespoke projects and has done lots of collaborations for industries, branding services, publications and others including personal requests. She also currently runs a series of workshops on watercolours and drawings on her spare time. Given the golden opportunity to be one of the speakers for the prestigious TedTalk event in UTM, Johor, in 2018, she felt grateful and cherished her association with this prowess in arts of hers even more. Atie aims to share her knowledge in watercolours and drawings with others as she would always say.. “I believe that apart from its aesthetic value, art brings therapeutic values in life.”

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