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Council Of Palm Oil Producing Countries


Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) is an intergovernmental organization for palm oil producing countries. The Council was established on 21 November 2015, thanks to genuine awareness of the need of mutual cooperation among palm oil producing nations. Indonesia and Malaysia, the world’s biggest palm oil producers, are the founding father of the Council as well as the current members. The two countries recognized significant contribution of palm oil sector in generating export revenue, raising the income level of rural small farmers, addressing poverty, creating employment and new business opportunities.  As the two countries further accepted that palm oil is an important component of the global food supply chain, they recognized a few situations, primarily those relating to sustainable practices and trade impediments. Taking into account the given opportunities and challenges, the two countries desired to strengthen cooperation and collaboration by establishing the CPOPC. The Council is now inviting other palm oil producing countries from Africa, Central America and Asia-Pacific. The Council seeks to unite world’s palm oil producers. The Council, furthermore, represents the priorities, interests, and aspirations of the palm oil nations as developing world.

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