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Linguistic Code Switching (Header Picture)

Linguistic Code Switching: Pros and Cons

Have you ever tried to communicate with people in English and …

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Elon Musk (Photo by NDTV)

Elon’s Ambition to Conquer Mars!

If you are searching for a man who dream is to …

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Cottonbro on Pexels

How Video Games Affect Our Brain Cognitive Positively?

Living in the era where digital technology is booming day by …

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Photo by Jozsef Hocza on Unsplash

Use a Password Manager

Hi everyone, I’ve personally implemented these practices, and I figured it’d …

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10 Most common Phobia in the world. Do you have one of them?

Derived from the Greek word ‘Phobos’ meaning ‘fear’, ‘Phobia’ is a …

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English History (source -The Jakarta Post)

A brief history on the English Language

The history of the English Language began with the arrival of …

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Music Studying (featured image)

Lo-fi Beats to Study to; Should You Study to it?

As we scroll on YouTube, there’s a chance that you would …

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James Webb Telescope (NASA)

Long Way From Home: James Webb Space Telescope

Who is James Webb? Why did NASA name the space telescope …

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Bitcoins (Unsplash)

Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact: Unraveled

With all sorts of investments ranging from stocks and exchange-traded funds …

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Nuclear Energy Plant

Is Nuclear Energy the Best Answer to a Green Future?

Nuclear energy is a very hotly debated topic when it comes …

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Right to Repair

Right to Repair

We all know the three Rs when it comes to waste …

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Three Secrets to Studying Effectively

In order to do well in university, it is essential to …

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