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Prema Ponnusamy
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About This Course

This course is written based on the 3 parts of internship cycle; Before Internship, During Internship & After Internship.

Learning Objectives

Step by step guide in finding internship placement.
Match your skills to a potential job or company.
Creating a resume & cover letter.
Read and understand a job description.
Prepare for the interview effectively.
Handle job offers and rejections like a professional.
Learn tips to stand out from other applicants.
Know what it takes to become an Intern.

Material Includes

  • Eleven (11) Reading Materials
  • Eleven (11) Video Presentation
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn at your free time within 12 weeks
  • Accessible on all platforms (mobile, desktop & tablet)

Target Audience

  • Students / Job Seekers / Fresh Graduates
  • Individuals without extensive, relevant work experience
  • Organizations offering internships
  • Anyone who is interested in building a career


24 Lessons

Happy Learning!

Table of Contents00:02:00

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Choosing your Internship

Lesson 3: Preparation for Internship

Lesson 4: Applying for Internships

Lesson 5: Interviews

Lesson 6: Internship Offer

Lesson 7: A day as an Intern

Lesson 8: Crucial Skills

Lesson 9: Basic I.T. Skills

Lesson 10: Good to Have Skills & Attributes

Lesson 11: The Conclusion

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Prema Ponnusamy

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With more than 30 years of experience in the field of Human Resources particularly in the recruitment industry, Ms Prema Ponnusamy is an innovative and creative professional with extensive involvement in areas of talent engagement strategy, total rewards, performance management, employee wellness & safety, employee training and other IR related matters. Her testimonials from on-going consulting and trainings are testament to her ability to deliver results for niche and specialty consulting, training and project deliverence. Despite her busy schedule as the founder and CEO of a HR & Recruitment firm, Prema has actively spoken at universities and colleges to groom students to build the workplace skills for their internship and to help students with their future career goals while studying. Her passionate approach and localised engagement have earned Prema as an excellent trainer.
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Student Feedback

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A very well-structured and well-written course. The content of the course covers all the basics and answers all your questions about internships, from how to find and apply for an internship, all the way until what you should do after completing your internship. The content is also thorough and informative, yet remains easy to understand and digest throughout all the lessons. It's definitely a valuable course for anyone looking for, preparing for, starting, or even already partway through an internship - that's just how great the course is!

Highly recommend this course to all interns! This course is practical, interesting, and easy to digest. The course content is sufficiently comprehensive and detailed, and many useful examples were provided. It guides me step by step on how to select, prepare, apply for and complete an internship effectively, which means a lot to me!

Direct and easily understandable. The content of the course is very insightful and mind engaging, especially for me as an intern seeker because this knowledge are helpful to increase my skills.

The information is very accurate and maybe helpful for students who are going for their internship

I would say this course is fantastic for first comers looking to start on their journey into internship as the materials are simple yet informative and also a bargain as the materials are available to downloaded for lifetime. Definitely helped me prepare and rock on during my internship period!

I find the course would be helpful for anyone who is starting or still looking for an internship placement. The materials given were simple and easy to digest and personally helped me alot!

The course was clear and straightforward. It provided me with useful information about applying for internships, what to do during an internship, and what to do after. It really helped me out on my current internship and provided me with information I was unaware of, thank you for the course!

Clear and concise! The pace and the breakdown of the topics are appropriate and don't feel out of place. The materials and samples provided have helped greatly and the exercises done helped reinforce what was taught. What a way to prep for any upcoming internship.

This course is recommended to all students or job seekers, who are eagerly looking forward to learning and working on their most ideal job scope, which gives them the opportunity to renew their passion. Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first, which is why this course requires learning and teaching, that will make your passion and skills goes on the right track :D

Love the simplicity and clear explanation of the course overall. Learn a lot and help me understand better and prepare myself during my Internship!! :)

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24 lectures

Material Includes

  • Eleven (11) Reading Materials
  • Eleven (11) Video Presentation
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Learn at your free time within 12 weeks
  • Accessible on all platforms (mobile, desktop & tablet)

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