Empowering Malaysian SME with An Adoption of Smart Manufacturing

About Lesson

This webinar was recorded & hosted LIVE on 10th September 2020 by SIRIM Berhad.

Explore on the technologies that SIRIM and its partners has developed together with its partners concerning to Industry 4.0 industry in Malaysia. The experts will also introduce a financial support facility for Malaysian SMEs in the manufacturing and related services sectors to embrace Industry 4.0.


  • M Shahrul Azmi M Yusoff, PhD (Director, Industrial Centre of Innovation in Smart Manufacturing, SIRIM Industrial Research, SIRIM Berhad)
  • Izhar Abd Aziz, PhD (Founder/Director, 3D Gens Sdn Bhd)
  • Cher Dong Theng (Senior Consultant, SIRIM Industrial Research Division of SIRIM Berhad)


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